Monday, 11 February 2013

5 - Nature Live event on at 14.30 today, 11 Feb!

The 11 Feb event is now over - please return to this post for updates, or look out on the 28 Feb when the Natural History Museum hope to make the next live link-up.

The scientists on this expedition will be broadcasting live to the Natural History Museum Attenborough Studio today at 14.30.

From the NHM Nature Plus web page:

Life in the depths of the Caribbean - 14.30 GMT, Monday 11 February

At 14.30 on Monday 11 February, watch an exciting discussion event about hydrothermal vents and join us as we live link to the RRS James Cook  in the Caribbean.

We'll be talking to mineralogist Richard Herrington in the studio about the creatures that survive around hydrothermal vents, and whether all life on Earth could stem from the bacteria living at the bottom of our oceans.

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